Alert: Biden Launches Nasty Assault On Christians & Conservatives

(SNews) – A new “anti-terrorism” program launched by Democrat President Joe Bidne’s administration places Christians, conservatives, and Republicans in the same category as Nazis.

The new program is being run by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

However, the initiative appears to be more focused on smearing the Democrats’ political opponents as “terrorists” rather than actually countering terrorism.

The program appears to be a further advancement of efforts to persecute those connected to Jan. 6 and label them as “domestic terrorists,” which the Biden admin have Democrats have tried to expand by extending the same targeting to Republicans and President Donald Trump’s supporters.

The Biden admin is doling out taxpayer money to fund its “anti-terrorism” grant initiative to a university program.

According to documents obtained by Fox News, the program explicitly lumps the Republican Party, as well as Christian and conservative groups, into the same category as Nazis.

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