ALERT: Doctors BRIBED to Push Shots onto Patients

(SNews) – Family doctors were bribed with financial incentives to push their patients into getting Covid shots, explosive documents leaked to the public by a U.S. congressman have revealed.

Republican Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has published leaked documents showing that primary care and family medicine doctors and others were bribed to recommend vaccinations for COVID-19 to their patients.

The document appears to list a “bonus” scheme for medical practitioners.

According to the document, health professionals can get from “$20” up to “$250” per patient for “vaccination with at least one dose.”

The “bonus” system suggests that the more patients doctors vaccinate, the larger the financial incentives are.

“…we recognize your hard work by offering incentives for helping patients make the choice to become vaccinated,” the document tells doctors.

The payment scheme in the document clearly indicates a huge financial incentive for doctors to push their patients into getting the shots.

Back in 2021, healthcare providers received an increase in the Medicare payment rate for administering the COVID-19 vaccine.

The goal of the payment boost is to “support important actions taken by providers that are designed to increase the number of vaccines they can furnish each day,” Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) said in its news release.

Payment to providers increased to $40 per dose from $28 for single-dose vaccinations.

Vaccines that require two doses will now cost $80, up from $45, according to HFMA.

“These updates to the Medicare payment rate for COVID-19 vaccine administration reflect new information about the costs involved in administering the vaccine for different types of providers and suppliers, and the additional resources necessary to ensure the vaccine is administered safely and appropriately,” CMS said.

“These resources are designed to increase the number of providers that can administer the vaccine, ensure adequate payment for administering the vaccine to Medicare beneficiaries, and make it clear that no beneficiary, whether covered by private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, should pay cost-sharing for the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine.”

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