Alert: Elon Musk Loses His Cool At Top Conservative

(SNews) – Twitter/X boss Elon Musk uncharacteristically lost his cool and snapped at Hollywood legend James Woods over a proposed change to the social media platform.

Musk wants to get rid of the function which allows users to block each other.

However, many have pushed back against the idea, including James Woods.

In response to a report about the change, Woods said:

“In the midst of a libel suit I was targeted by thirty trolls the defendant enlisted to harass me.

“X will be untenable for people like me, who are willing to share their identities.

“If he does this, I will have no choice but to retire from this site.”

A Twitter user said: “Well we got to make sure that doesn’t happen James.

“You’re one of the most important people on here. You help educate others.

“It’s very important. You make a humongous difference and I’m sure you’re aware of that.

“So what do we need to do in order for Elon to not do what he’s trying to do?”

Woods said: “Thank you.

“If Elon Musk removes the ability to block concerted harassment by trolls or organized political entities, how will ‘X’ be any different from Jack Dorsey’s horrid Twitter?

“Musk, whom I once championed, is only doing this to protect his advertisers anyway.

“Users of X are mere pawns to turn the site into an electronic shopping mall.

“The man I thought was a defender of free speech is just another greedy capitalist.

“Disappointing, but not surprising.”

Enter Elon Musk who said:

“Then delete your account.”

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