Alert: Mob TRAPS Jewish Students Inside NYC Library

(TStarnes) – The attacks on the Jewish community in America are getting worse – no doubt fueled by the raging mobs of Jew-haters who have infected university campuses.

In New York City Jewish students were trapped inside the library at Cooper Union College.

The library staff locked them inside to keep them safe from a mob of pro-Hamas students who tried to storm the building. They were chanting, “Long live the Intifada.” There’s video of the incident on my website –

The Jewish students were trapped inside for nearly an hour while the mob tried to break down the doors.

Inna Vernikov is a city councilwoman. She said Jewish students are dropping classes because they no longer feel safe.

“We warned you all,” she said. “This is what schools across America allowed and encouraged to fester and here is the result. Jewish students barricading and being petrified for their safety! Every university has failed us. Jewish parents- protect your kids.”

The councilwoman also said that some faculty members actually encouraged the protest.

“The Jewish students barricaded in the library were TERRIFIED, some of them SHAKEN,” she wrote on X. “They believed they could’ve been physically assaulted and injured, and feared for their well-being. One of the slogans heard was ‘Globalize the intifada from New York to Gaza.’”

Not a single person was arrested. Not a one.

Which would lead one to believe that it is apparently open season on Jewish people in New York City.

And it’s imperative for Christian Americans to stand in solidarity with our Jewish countrymen.

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