Alert: Top Legal Scholar Issues Dire Warning About Biden

(SNews) – George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley has issued a warning to every American about the tactics Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration is using to suppress free speech.

Turley said the Biden administration’s rationale for trying to control speech was a familiar one and is “the clarion call of every nation that has engaged in censorship.”

Turley said: “This is the clarion call of every nation that has engaged in censorship. They always say that they’re protecting citizens from harmful thoughts, harmful ideas, harmful viewpoints, that this is all for the good, because you shouldn’t hear these views.

“That’s always been the case.

“But what’s really distressing is when you read the Twitter Files and you read the evidence that we have seen come out recently, the government was even censoring what they call malinformation.

“This is stuff that is true that the government says is being used for a misleading purpose.

“Try that hat on for a second.

“They’re saying that if you say something true, but the government believes it’s misleading in the way you said it, they also were targeting you for censorship.”

Turley wrote earlier:

Wray did make one surprising denial. He insisted that the FBI does not engage in censorship efforts, focuses only on “foreign disinformation,” and does not pressure companies to censor others.

Those denials are not only directly contradicted by the recent 155-page opinion of a federal court and the Twitter Files, but a new release from the Twitter Files and journalist Matt Taibbi.

Wray said that “…The FBI is not in the business of moderating content, or causing any social media company to suppress or censor.” He then added that these companies are not under any pressure in making their own decisions whether to censor people or groups flagged by the FBI.

The statement is obviously false. The FBI maintained a large operation of agents actively seeking the censorship of thousands, as discussed in my prior testimony.

Taibbi, however, has released another example of how aggressive the FBI was with social media companies. In the latest Twitter Files release, there is one email exchange where Twitter “immediately” suspended accounts flagged by the FBI without investigation.

Taibbi explained:

“In one shot, you can see the FBI asks to remove three accounts, that gets forwarded to Twitter, Twitter immediately suspends them, the accounts.

But more importantly, when there’s a glitch, and the accounts remain up, the FBI immediately writes back and says, what’s the deal? We just wrote to you, why is it still up? So, that shows the nature of the relationship basically that it’s not really a collaboration. It’s much more like somebody reporting to an authority.

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