BOMBSHELL: Congressman Caught Trying To Cover Up “ISIS Bride” Affair

(The Post Millennial) – An “ISIS bride” who broke free from Syria in 2013 is now coming forward about the affair she allegedly had with Texas congressman Nicholas Van Campen Taylor, who was elected to represent the state’s 3rd congressional district.

Taylor allegedly paid $5,000 in bribe money to keep his accuser, Tania Joya, quiet.

In an exclusive by Breitbart News, Joya revealed the banking transaction that Taylor purportedly paid her to hush up about their affair. She said it began in August 2019 when she wanted to get involved in an anti-extremism program for a local school system. She said she thought Taylor could help her career ambitions.

“I told him that I found him attractive. After that for an entire month, every day during October 2020, he wouldn’t stop messaging me like crazy. It was just so distracting. He was going crazy for it,” Joya told Breitbart News.

The pair “became intimate” the following month, Joya said. It allegedly lasted until June 2021. But within that time Taylor allegedly invited his mistress to a property in Plano, Texas. Joya said she told the GOP lawmaker she was having suicidal thoughts but he wanted to continue the escapade regardless.

“I came very close to killing myself, but I surrendered a gun to the police because I didn’t want to have access to one when I was in that state,” she explained.

Taylor allegedly promised Joy a house, then eventually it was also a fitness studio with a business plan.

The hush money allegedly paid to Joya was said to be used to pay down her credit card bill. Joya has since testified in related cases involving Syrian radicals.

Relations went south as Joya believed at the end of the infidelity, Taylor threatened her future aspirations to become a therapist.

From what we can piece together about Joya’s background, in 2003 at age 19 ,she met John Thomas Georgelas. Georgelas converted to Islam and moved to Syria in September with Joya and their children briefly coming along. They were then allowed to leave after a few weeks given the poor living conditions in-country.

After that she relocated to Texas and devoted herself to counter extremism programs. It’s through that effort she first became acquainted with Taylor.

National File previously shared an exchange as further proof of the affair.

“I want a long slow rim job while I have a drink- then for you to deep throat me while you stroke my cock and I c*m on your tonsils,” Taylor wrote in a text, according to the National File’s reporting.

[The phone number listed in the National File screenshot goes to Vananne Holdings, LLC. The director listed for the business is “Nicholas V Taylor.”]

At the time of writing, there has been no response from either one of the congressman’s Twitter accounts since the story was made public. This is despite Tuesday’s primary between Taylor, a Republican, and four other party challengers.

In the lead-up to Election Day in the Republican primary, the most the congressman’s critics had pointed out beforehand is how Taylor voted in favor of the creation of the Jan. 6 commission. Other talking points the Texas challengers had to offer in rebuke of Taylor was his acknowledgement of former President Donald Trump’s election defeat during the 2020 presidential election.

The congressman’s official biography lists the US representative as an Iraq War veteran who is married and the father of three daughters.

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