BOMBSHELL: Elon Musk’s Dad Warns People Moving ‘Take Elon Out’ His Son

(SNews) – Elon Musk’s dad Errol fears for his son’s life because someone his son exposed with the Twitter files will try to take him out rather than go to jail.

Musk exposed serious wrongdoing at the highest levels of our government.

Elon busted Adam Schiff violating the US Constitution on numerous occasions as well as officials in both the Trump and Biden administrations doing the same.

He exposed how nearly every powerful government agency, the NSA, DHS, the CIA, etc were involved in censoring Americans in direct violation of the US Constitution.

Errol said his son has given him more security recently: “He decided, after the recent threats against him, that I need protection as well.

“If they kidnap one of us, it will be the quickest $ 20 million anybody’s ever made in their life.

“I think Elon’s a bit naïve about the enemies he’s making, especially with the Twitter Files.

“I’m not scared but I’m really afraid that something might happen to Elon, even though he has about 100 security guards around him.

“I think it’s a matter of time before one of the people he will expose with the Twitter Files says, ‘I don’t want to go to jail, take Elon out.’

“It’s not rocket science.”

“I got a notice in December from this security company saying that they have instructions to secure the house.

“So I now have nine cameras around the house that are monitored 24/7 and that I can monitor on my phone and TV.

“They’ve also installed an electric fence around my house.

“I have first-class security now. It’s unbelievable.

“It has everything, including backup power, so it works whether we have electricity load shedding or not.

“They’ve installed everything imaginable here.

“I now have a quarter of a million rand ($14,600) security system with armed response by a new security company in my town, which I hear is quite good.

“They focus 100 percent on me. It’s a new, super big security company armed to the teeth.

“They check on me all the time. If they see a strange car in my driveway, they come in and ask me if I’m alright.

“I hate living like this, but I’ve lived like this in Johannesburg and Pretoria, and I understand where it’s coming from.”

Errol said he’s had four break-ins in the last year. “They came in and stole two big TVs.”

Elon said earlier:

“Frankly, the risk of something bad happening or literally even being shot is quite significant.

“I’m definitely not going to be doing any open-air car parades, let me put it that way.

“It’s not that hard to kill me if somebody wanted to, so hopefully they don’t,” he said.

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