Bombshell: Joe Biden Knows EXACTLY Who Brought Drugs Into The White House

(SNews) – The U.S. Secret Service did identify the person who took cocaine into the White House, according to a new report.

Investigators reported the person’s identity to Democrat President Joe Biden but kept the information hidden from the public.

The claim is made in Soldier of Fortune by journalist Susan Katz Keating.

Keating states that three independent sources confirmed that the individual responsible is part of the “Biden family orbit.”

“If you want the name, ask Joe Biden,” one of Keating’s sources reportedly stated.

“He knows who it is.”

Another source claimed that the culprit identified by Secret Service is not Hunter Biden.

The report was highlighted by Fox News anchor Jesse Watters.


After days of speculation, the Secret Service mysteriously shut down the investigation into the matter.

The federal agency claimed to have found “no suspects” when they closed the case and destroyed all evidence.

While the new claims cannot be verified, they do synch up with earlier reports that the Secret Service did discover who was responsible.

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