Bombshell: Trump Unleashes on Army General Milley… Wow

Former President Trump blasted Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Cheifs of Staff, calling for his resignation while disputing an allegation in a book.

Trump said in the statement: “Gen. Mark Milley’s greatest fear is upsetting the woke mob.”

When Black Lives Matter rioters were “threatening to destroy Washington, D.C.,” Milley “practically begged” him not to send in the military to stop the riots, Trump said.

Trump added, Miley issued an “embarrassing and groveling apology” for walking by his side to St. John’s Church, after rioters set fire to its basement the day before.

“Instead of denouncing the rioters, he denounced himself — a humiliation for our Military,” Trump said. “A year later even the Fake News had to admit that their Lafayette Square narrative was a giant lie. Milley, once again, looked like a fool.”

Trump also disputed Milley “yelled” at him, as it has appeared in a new book.

According to the book by the Wall Street Journal‘s Michael Bender, Trump had announced during a situation room meeting on how to handle the racial riots last summer that he had put Milley in “charge.” After Milley allegedly “confronted” Trump that he was just an adviser and not in command, Trump allegedly shouted, “I said you’re in f—ing charge!”

Bender wrote that Milley yelled back, “Well, I’m not in charge!” and asked for lawyers in the room to inform the president of his legal responsibilities.

Trump called that story “false” and “totally Fake News.” He said:

Now, in yet another desperate ploy to impress the Radical Left and keep his job, Milley made up a false story that he yelled at me in the Situation Room. This is totally Fake News. If he had displayed such disrespect for his Commander-in-Chief I would have fired him immediately.

Trump then slammed Milley for his recent defense of teaching Critical Race Theory in the military. He said:

To further ingratiate himself with Biden, progressive Media, and the Radical Left, Milley went to Congress and actually defended Critical Race Theory being shoved down the throats of our soldiers. This Marxist, racist anti-American propaganda has no place in our Military — I banned these training programs, now Biden and the Pentagon have resumed them. As soon as possible, Congress must defund this racist indoctrination.

“Gen. Milley ought to resign, and be replaced with someone who is actually willing to defend our Military from the Leftist Radicals who hate our Country and our Flag,” Trump said.

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