Breaking: 13 Republicans FLIP – Give Biden EVERYTHING

Thirteen House Republicans are criticized for passing President Biden’s massive spending plan, including the reconciliation package of the far-left.

The baker’s dozen House Republicans who cast their vote to pass the $1.2 trillion “bipartisan” infrastructure bill let loose the framework for the far-left’s reconciliation package. Far-left Democrats have been fighting for months on the reconciliation package while holding the infrastructure bill hostage.

After the 13 Republicans voted to pass the infrastructure bill, a rule was given to consider the reconciliation package’s framework. This critical function must occur to send the massive tax and spend package into the process of reconciliation.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) would not have had enough Democrats to pass the bill without the 13 Republicans voting. However, the 13 Republicans voted, which removed the leverage to block the reconciliation package from moving forward.

Ryan James Girduske tweeted the breakdown of the 13 Republicans. According to Girdusky, eight Republicans are in red districts and face a tough reelection year. Two are retiring, and three are in blue districts:

All 13 spineless establishment House Republicans must be defeated in 2022 for betraying the GOP Kambree tweeted:

Stephen L. Miller said Biden should thank the Republicans for passing his agenda:

Gavin Mario Wax highlighted Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY), one of the 13, who will face reelection in a plus 11 district:

Liz Joy tweeted Americans were pillaged and robbed while sleeping due to Biden’s agenda being passed while they sleep.

Scott Parkinson revealed the 13 establishment House Republicans voted “to do the Chamber’s bidding” in reference to the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber represents big business interests on Capitol Hill:

Raymond Arroyo suggested the 13 House Republicans help Pelosi pass Biden’s radical agenda:

Adam Korzeniewski blasted Nicole Malliotakis as a weak, “NeverTrump” congresswoman:

The 13 establishment House Republicans “allowed” the far-left squad to “escape without any political repercussions from their part,” tweeted Larry O’Connor:

Josh Mandel tweeted that all 13 establishment House Republicans “must be eradicated” from the Republican caucus:

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