Breaking: AOC Speechless After Blatant Hypocrisy Revealed

(SNews) – A migrant child has reportedly died in U.S. custody as Democrat President Joe Biden’s border crisis continues to spiral out of control.

However, Vice President Kamala Harris and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), two of President Donald Trump’s most vocal critics of his administration’s border policy, are eerily silent.

According to the New York Post, Harris was in Atlanta on Friday for a Democratic Party “spring soiree” instead of visiting the US-Mexico border in her role as “border czar” as thousands of migrants illegally enter America after the lifting of the Title 42 COVID-19 expulsion policy.

Harris jetted to a Democratic National Committee (DNC) finance event before being the guest of honor at the lavish Democratic Party of Georgia’s Spring Soiree.

The VP has no plans to visit the border.

As border communities battle the crisis along the frontier, one child has already tragically died.

HHS said: “The US Department of Health and Human Services HHS is deeply saddened by this tragic loss and our heart goes out to the family, with whom we are in touch.

“As is standard practice for any situation involving the death of an unaccompanied child or a serious health outcome, HHS’ Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) Division of Health for Unaccompanied Children (DHUC) is reviewing all clinical details of this case, including all inpatient health care records.

“A medical examiner investigation is underway.

“Due to privacy and safety reasons, ORR cannot share further information on individual cases of children who have been in our care.

“While in ORR care, children have access to health care, legal services, translation services, and mental and behavioral health counselors and are able to connect with family through a phone call in a private area at a minimum of twice a week.”

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) warned there would be casualties and called out a reporter today who tried to blame the GOP for Biden’s crisis.

He said before the child was pronounced dead:

“In 2020, the last year of the Trump presidency, we had the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years.

“You ask, what I have done?

“I’ve championed the men and women of Border Patrol, I’ve championed securing the border.

“I’ve championed ‘Remain in Mexico.’

“And we turned this problem around and solved it.

“And we went from Joe Biden inherited the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years.

“And the first day in office, he made political decisions to cause this problem.

“And you should be ashamed of yourself ’cause you’re a reporter and you’re not reporting facts, you’re telling lies.

“Joe Biden made a political decision.”

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