BREAKING: Border Patrol Issues DIRE Warning

(The Post Millennial) – Full Measure’s Sharyl Attkisson went to the AZ border with Sonora in Mexico and reported on the happenings there, interviewing CPB agents and other involved actors.

“Border officials: We’re currently being flooded with illegal immigration and drugs. At this pace 2021 we’ll outdo 2018, 2019 and 2020 combined. ICYMI:”

The interviews show the clear concern that belies White House officials’ claims that there is no crisis at the border presently.

An unnamed CPB agent talked about how people crossing the border illegally on foot will use a “swarming” strategy to take advantage of their sheer numbers.

“What they’ll do is they’ll stage them along these areas and they’ll run to, they’ll go a quarter mile down the border, run two more, go a quarter mile down the border run two more and then double back because at the end of the day, there are only so many agents.”

Tim Williams works for the Sheriff’s Office of Chocise County AZ talks about the data they have collected from a recently-installed surveillance camera system:

“Well, if you think about it, if we averaged, we had about 18,000 crossings that we saw last year in just my system alone. That if you think about 18,000 people that come across now that are just going to hit our communities, that’s tremendous impact when some of our towns are only three to 4,000 people in population.”

Tyler Klump, a rancher who lives close to the border, had some pointed advice for people coming into the country:

“Let them go into the interior of the country where the jobs are and where they can find a life for their families, because if you’re not going to enforce your border laws, if you’re not going to enforce your regulation laws, then I’d say go where the jobs are. Go where there’s money, because there’s no money on the border.”

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