BREAKING: Chicago Imposes Mandatory CURFEW After City Erupts In Violence

(Slay News) – Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has imposed a curfew “effective immediately” for unaccompanied minors in Millennium Park after three people were shot downtown and 30 were arrested. Lightfoot said juveniles without a “responsible adult” are banned from entering Millennium Park after 6 p.m. Thursday through Sunday.

Lightfoot said: “We, as a city, can not allow any of our public spaces to become platforms for danger. Anyone coming into our public spaces should expect to enjoy them peacefully and must respect and exhibit basic community norms of decency.

“We simply will not accept anything less. Tragically, a young person — a teenager — lost his life last night in Millennium Park. I suspect an overwhelming majority of the youth who were in the park were there to have a good time and enjoy a summer evening.

“But the scene devolved into one of chaos and unnecessary violence.”

CPD Supt. David Brown said

“Too many guns are making their way into the hands of those who have too little respect for the sanctity of life.

“It should not be normal to see young lives with an immense potential cut short.”

Gregory Pratt, reporter for the Chicago Tribune, said:

“Mayor Lori Lightfoot is banning unaccompanied minors in Millennium Park after 6 pm from Thursday through Sunday after a teenager was shot and killed and large crowds of teens have repeatedly created chaos downtown.”

According to WGN, “The declaration comes after a 16-year-old boy was shot and killed near “The Bean” Saturday night and two people were wounded, one critically, in the Loop. Days earlier, large groups of people crowded downtown and Old Town Triangle, prompting police to arrest an 18-year-old for misconduct.

“CPD Supt. David Brown said a 17-year-old linked to the shooting death of the 16-year-old was taken into custody. Authorities recovered a weapon. Charges are pending.

Brown added that officers also arrested a 16-year-old who was carrying a 9mm ‘ghost gun’ nearby.”

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