Breaking: Top China Lobbyist Caught Colluding With Biden

A top staff member of Biden’s administration has a brother that lobbies the White House regarding China for General Motors, as revealed by new a new disclosure.

Lobbyist Jeff Richhetti, brother of Steve Richetti, who is the White House Counselor to the President.

Jeff Ricchetti started a lobbying firm in 1996 alongside his brother Steve who just left the Clinton administration.

The Ricchetti’s sold their firm to Tony Podesta, who had ties to the Clinton administration through his brother John Podesta.

Once Clinton left office, Jeff and Steve Ricchetti started another lobbying firm in 1999.

Jeff Ricchetti was hired to lobby the Biden White House on “Issues related to China” and White House National Security Council, as the form shows.

Lobbying disclosure form

The latest disclosure and many other documents reveal the extent of business that Jeff Riccetti has gained after his brother joined the Biden administration.

Richetti’s firm has collected fees totaling $1.67 million in just the first half of the year, four times more than the firm collected in the same time last year.

The firm’s client list includes well-known companies such as General Motors, the American Hospital Association, AT&T, Eli Lilly, Nextel, Novartis, Pfizer, and even Fannie Mae.

General Motors received $8 million in federal money through earmarks in legislation with the help from then-Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) between 2005 and 2007.

In February 2021, Jeff Ricchetti was hired by General Motors; within a few months, GM executives met with President Biden and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, the Washington Free Beacon detailed.

In recent months the shortages of semiconductors produced in China have sent domestic motor companies scrambling as they resume normal production after the coronavirus pandemic.

On July 5th General Motors announced the local expansion of their design studio for electric vehicle development, indicating the more significant desires in China.

“[W]e have the right organizations and people to bring the most desirable products to China’s consumers in the new era of electrification and connectivity,” General Motors executive vice president and president of GM China Julian Blissett said in a statement.

Joe Biden will partner with General Motors’ economic pursuits in China as long as Ricchetti remains in the White House.

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