BREAKING: Country Music Legend BLASTS Kamala Harris

(SNews) – Country music superstar John Rich turned the tables on Vice President Kamala Harris for snubbing Christian families in the wake of the recent school shooting as she made her way to Nashville, Tennessee.

Harris gave a speech and met with a pair of radical Democrat state lawmakers who were expelled from the General Assembly after protesting on the state House floor.

But it was what she didn’t do that outraged Rich.

He said:

“Hey @VP why didn’t you make an effort to meet with the Christian families from Covenant school while you were in Music City?

“You were less than a 15-minute drive away from that location.

“Your word salad rings hollow.”

Instead, Harris’s speech focused on the “woke” lawmakers who were expelled for, what the Democrats would call, an “insurrection.”

“Today, I stood with parents, students, and the Tennessee Three,” Harris said.

“They won’t be silenced and their demands for gun reform must be heard.

“In Congress and in state legislatures around our nation, leaders must have the courage to act.

“And they understood the importance, these three, of standing to say the people will not be silenced, to say that a democracy hears the cries, hears the pleas, who hears the demands of its people who say that children should be able to live and be safe and go to school and not be in fear.

“We understand when we took an oath to represent the people who elected us that we speak on behalf of them.

“It wasn’t about the three of these leaders.

“It was about who they were representing.

“It’s about whose voices they were channeling.

“Understand that – and is that not what a democracy allows.”

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