BREAKING: Far-Left Mob Storms U.S. Capitol

(TStarnes) – Several hundred pro-Hamas protesters have stormed the U.S. Capitol complex and have laid siege to the rotunda of the Cannon Office Building.

CBS News reports at least 300 protesters have been arrested. And other video shows U.S. Capitol Police aggressively removing some of the protesters.

Mediaite reports “the protest was attended by Democrat and Squad member Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who despite all evidence to the contrary continued to insist that Israel bombed the hospital, and she is blaming President Joe Biden in part for that and what she is calling a genocide.”

USCP said in a X post that they warned the growing number of protesters to stop demonstrating and “when they did not comply we began arresting them.”

“A large group of protesters are walking in the roadway around the House side of the Capitol Complex,” the USCP wrote in a X post. “For safety reasons, we have temporary rolling road closures in effect.”

USCP did not say how many demonstrators have been arrested, but did say that so far three were arrested and charged with assault on a police officer during the demonstrations, Fox News reported.

Here’s a collection of videos from the scene of the insurrection. And we will start with video of Rep. Brandon Williams (R-NY) standing on the balcony waving the Israeli flag in defiance of the pro-Palestinian mob.

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