BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Sells California Out To China

(SNews) – Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom has pledged that California will have a “long-term, stable, and strong” partnership with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Newsom made the vow after meeting with CCP dictator Xi Jinping in China on Wednesday.

The governor declared that under his leadership, California will be the Communist regime’s “long-term, stable, and strong partner.”

Chinese state-controlled media outlets have also been gushing over the meeting.

The CCP’s propaganda wing hailed Newsom’s warm meeting with Xi as a triumph of “mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation.”

The state-run Global Times lauded Newsom’s meeting with Xi at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

The outlet described the meet as a milestone in improving U.S.-China relations.

Newsom reportedly reciprocated the sentiment:

Newsom said that no other bilateral relationship is more important than the one between the US and China, and the US-China relationship is vital to the future of the US and bears on the well-being of its people.

Newsom said he is willing to push California to strengthen exchanges with China and seek closer cooperation in fields such as climate change and new energy.

California is willing to be China’s long-term, stable and strong partner, he added.

As the first US governor to visit China in more than four years, Newsom expressed his high appreciation for relations with China and recalled the first sister cities established between China and the US in 1980: Shanghai and San Francisco.

He hopes to contribute to the resumption of exchanges and cooperation between China and the US, CGTN reported on Wednesday.

CGTN (China Global Television Network) is another CCP-run media operation.

A good deal of Newsom’s enthusiasm for doing business with China revolved around “climate change,” electric vehicles (EV), and green energy technology.

However, there was little mention of the “climate change” discussions in Chinese media as China, the world’s biggest polluter, doesn’t entertain the agenda.

After taking a ride in a Chinese-built EV, Newsom proclaimed it was “another leap in technology, the next-level leap.”

He then excitedly flashed thumbs-up at reporters.

When a reporter asked if he wanted one of the cars, Newsom replied, “No, I want two”:

The EV in question was manufactured by BYD.

BYD is a Chinese company that Newsom praised in 2020 for sending N95 masks to California, shortly after China sent the coronavirus to the rest of the world.

China Foreign Affairs University Professor Li Haidong repeated the hope.

Throughout Newsom’s visit, Li told Chinese state media that the leftist California governor will drag Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration in a more pro-China direction.

Li said Newsom could “help create correct conditions for the U.S. to form a correct understanding of China when the White House is saturated by toxic hostility.”

The Global Times quoted other “Chinese experts” who cited the Biden admin’s reaction to the Chinese spy balloon.

The outlet said the response was an example of that “toxic hostility.”

The article was also stuffed with complaints about the latest Pentagon report on China’s growing nuclear stockpile.

Elsewhere it bashed U.S. trade sanctions and America standing behind the Philippines in its South China Sea dispute with the CCP.

All of these complaints were implicitly presented as issues where Newsom would be more likely to see things China’s way than Biden.

Newsom came out firmly against decoupling from China by moving supply chains to other countries.

He proclaimed that “divorce is not an option” for the U.S. and China after his meeting with Xi.

However, Newsom defended “derisking” – companies creating a few alternative supply lines to reduce their complete dependency on China – as “nothing more than diversification.”

“We’ve got to turn down the heat,” Newsom told CNN on Wednesday.

“We’ve got to manage our strategic differences.

“We’ve got to reconcile our strategic red lines.”

Newsom said Xi expressed “anxiety” about U.S. export controls on advanced computer technologies, but touted his own presence in Beijing as evidence that a “thawing” in relations has begun.

“We’re entering, I hope, a new phase,” he said.

CNN failed to ask Newsom why he’s behaving like a presidential candidate when he insists that he’s not running in 2024.

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