BREAKING: House Votes Unanimously To Expose Dr. Fauci

(SNews) – In a unanimous vote on Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives approved the declassification of all intelligence that Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration has on the origins of COVID-19.

According to Axios, the House voted 419-0 in favor of the bipartisan measure.

Last week, the Senate voted unanimously to approve a similar measure.

The bill would require that all intelligence related to the origins of Covid, and the virus’ possible connections to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), be declassified and released to the public within 90 days of receiving the president’s signature.

The FBI and Department of Energy (DOE) both delivered assessments recently that concluded that Covid most likely originated in a leak from the Wuhan lab.

Early on in the pandemic, the theory, known as the lab leak hypothesis and pursued by Republicans, was dismissed as a conspiracy theory.

Top medical and science officials, including former National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci, led efforts to shut down and censor reports on the lab leak.

However, evidence has now emerged to suggest that those scientists received millions of dollars in grants from Fauci to change their tune about the origins to dismiss the lab leak theory.

Top lawmakers have accused Fauci of paying off scientists with taxpayer-funded grants to cover up the fact that he was conducting dangerous gain-of-function research in the lab – research which may have caused the pandemic.

Investigations into the origin of COVID have been hampered by China, however.

The ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has rebuffed requests for information and access for investigators.

Beijing has floated that Covid did not originate in Wuhan at all, and instead is a creation of the U.S. military.

Many Republicans have continued to push the lab leak theory as the most likely origin of the pandemic virus that killed millions globally.

“The American public deserves answers to every aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic, including how this virus was created and specifically, whether it was a natural occurrence of was the result of a lab-related event,” said Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH), chairman of the House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee, according to Fox News.

“The House intelligence committee, which oversees our intelligence community, is aware of classified information that could help inform the public why COVID-19 as a lab leak theory is not just a possibility but approaches the idea that it is likely,” he continued.

With its network of national laboratories and specialists in biological weapons, the Department of Energy is the latest member of the U.S. Intelligence Community to determine that the likeliest origin of Covid is a lab-related incident.

Last month, the department reportedly shifted its conclusion from undecided to “low confidence” in the lab leak hypothesis with new information, though it is unclear what that new information is.

The FBI assessed in 2021 that the lab leak theory is most likely the correct theory with “moderate confidence.”

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