BREAKING: Judge Gives HUGE Win To Marjorie Taylor Greene… It’s CONFIRMED

(Slay News) – A Georgia judge overruled some Dem activists who are trying to bar Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from running for office ruling the freshman Rep is eligible to run for reelection.

Dem activist groups tried to use the courts to block Greene from running again accusing her of being an insurrectionist. Judge Christopher Brasher, the chief judge of the Fulton County Superior Court, said there weren’t any procedural errors in the hearing that was held in April and she is free to run again.

Greene is heavily favored to win a second term. According to CNN, the judge, “Focused on technical portions of Georgia law and didn’t delve into the weighty constitutional questions that flowed from the proceeding, like whether the January 6 attack on the US Capitol was an insurrection, what it means to “engage” in insurrection, and whether post-Civil War amnesty laws still apply.

“Greene testified during the hearing that she didn’t encourage any violence that day and said she only wanted to see peaceful protest from supporters of then-President Donald Trump. She has denied any wrongdoing related to January 6.”

Greene also fired back at Rachel Maddow:

“Rachel Maddow is smearing me with lies about my faith and love for America and trying to connect me to someone I’ve never heard of or know anything about.

“In reality, being a Christian means I acknowledge I’m a sinner and my savior is a Jewish man named Jesus who I believe.

“The godless lying left has been lying about me from day one and calling me anti-semitic, racist, fascist, and even a Nazi, which are all absolutely disgusting lies about me.

“But their problem is that most people see through their lies bc their empty words don’t match the truth.

“Yes I’m a Christian. I’m not perfect, I’m a sinner, and I know I can’t ever be perfect enough to go to heaven based on my acts alone. I need a savior and his name is Jesus.

“Jesus says to love God and love people.

“I’m also elected by Americans in Georgia’s 14th district to serve as their Representative in Congress. I love my country and I’m grateful to serve the people who elected me, who are American citizens like me.

“The conspiracy theories being told by the lying godless left are just desperate lies by people who know they are losing bc their policies are really policies of hate and failure to Americans.

“Another reason they lie about me is they recognize my tenacity and know I’m resolved in my faith & my commitment to America.

“They can’t beat me bc most Americans actually think a lot of the ways I do.

“Hopefully, this helps some of you that are brainwashed by liars like Rachel Maddow who by the way has never met me in her entire life and gets paid to lie about me by her hard left employers at MSNBC.

“What a pitiful way to earn a paycheck,” she said.

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