Breaking: Move To Impeach Joe Biden Takes BIG Turn

(SNews )- Marjorie Taylor Greene overruled GOP leadership after they sent Joe Biden’s impeachment vote to a Committee for further investigation and said she will force a vote to impeach Biden for the full House. She said:

“I don’t know what it’s going to take to get them to realize what fools Republicans look like in Congress for not moving forward on impeachment. Joe Biden is a criminal.

“And as vice president of the United States, he committed crimes. He committed crimes, high crimes, and misdemeanors.

“We now know on the Oversight Committee through our investigation that he took a $5 million bribe from a Ukrainian oligarch in order to get Victor Shokin fired — the prosecutor that was investigating Burisma.

“We have bank records after bank records after bank records showing that money was transferred, wire transferred in, from all kinds of countries all over the world, from all kinds of foreign nationals and businesses and state governments into the fake LLC, paying the Biden family members.

“Everyone knows this.

“But for some reason, Republicans in Congress can’t even start the process of impeachment.

“They can’t even begin it at this point.

“Everyone knows that Joe Biden is a criminal, and they Republicans will not move forward with impeachment anywhere in Judiciary, because you know what, you know what it is?

“There’s a couple of Republicans that sit on the Judiciary Committee, Ken Buck and Tom McClintock who don’t want to vote for impeachment.

“Today, I addressed the entire conference and told them that I could not disagree with them anymore on their stance on an impeachment because leadership is completely against it.

“They just aren’t there yet.

“And I told every single one of them, I could not disagree with them more.

“I support our leadership.

“I also support Kevin McCarthy.

“I have all along, and I still support him.

“But I will have conversations with Kevin McCarthy and the rest of leadership before I file my privilege resolution,” she said.

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