BREAKING: Biden Makes the Call – Divers MILLIONS in Cash

President Biden takes $2 billion from American’s healthcare programs to deliver migrant youth and children to their illegal migrant parents throughout the United States.

“The Department of Health and Human Services [HHS] has diverted more than $2 billion meant for other health initiatives toward covering the cost of caring for unaccompanied immigrant children,” Politico reported May 15. The article continued:

The redirected funds include $850 million that Congress originally allocated to rebuild the nation’s Strategic National Stockpile, the emergency medical reserve strained by the Covid-19 response. Another $850 million is being taken from a pot intended to help expand coronavirus testing, according to three people with knowledge of the matter.

In addition to transferring money from the Strategic National Stockpile and Covid-19 testing, HHS also has pulled roughly $436 million from a range of existing health initiatives across the department.

According to a leaked report in the New York Times, the costs of the program are expected to reach almost $9 billion by October.

Fewer resources are available for lower-profile American kids due to the transfer of funding to more than 50,000 foreign children and youth. The diverse American parents are already damaged by the Chinese virus, cheap labor migration, housing costs, drugs, or homelessness.

The Politico report follows the leak of a government report to the May 10 New York Times. The leaked report showed how the HHS agency expects to spend almost $9 billion by October to implement Biden’s decision to import children of illegal migrants based in the U.S.

“Current projections show [a] preliminary budget estimate of $8.6b for FY21,” said the briefing for officials in HHS. It continued:

With existing resources, a shortfall (of 366m) occurs in May and grows quickly through July, with an overall project shortfall in excess of $4 billion.

OMB approved an additional transfer from HHS resources to the UC [UAC] programing the amount of $850 million this week. This funding is not reflecting in this morning balance — will be added once [the] execution process is complete. There may be [an] additional $846.5 million available in future weeks. This will mitigate but not fully resolve the project budget shortfall.

The HHS spending does not including spending — or diverted resources — at other agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Former President Trump’s policy to fly the youths and children back to their homes in Central America was replaced in January, leaving roughly 50,000 youths and children being accepted at the border by government-run programs.

A substantial majority of swing voters blame Biden, not Trump, for the unpopular migration crisis.

“The $2.13 billion in diverted money exceeds the government’s annual budget for the unaccompanied children program in each of the last two fiscal years,” Politico reported.

Migration is an economic stimulus for Biden’s business donors because the migrants stimulate federal, state, and local spending.

Most of the 50,000 “children” are older teams; actually, many will take low-wage jobs to repay smuggling debt and send their money to support relatives in Central American countries.

The migration creates a new generation of illegal migrants for progressive Democrats to champion, just as Democrats now support the “DACA” illegals.

Alejandro Mayorkas, a Cuban-born child refugee who runs the Department of Homeland Security, implemented Biden’s policy. Mayorkas frequently claims the United States is a “Nation of Immigrants,” not of Americans. He often argues the nation’s values require Americans to accept many migrants, poor or rich, old or young, as if there is no economic or civic cost to Americans from the inflow of foreign migrants.

Former President Donald Trump used his emergency authority in 2020 to send the migrants home when they arrived at the border.  President Biden seeks to extract more taxpayer-supported consumers, wage-cutting workers, and high-occupancy renters from Central American into the United States.

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