BREAKING: Parents FURIOUS after School Invites Drag Queen to Dance in Front of Children

(The Post Millennial) – Parents of students at Hollymount Primary School in the Raynes Park of South London were surprised and shocked when they found out that the school invited a local drag queen to interact with the children without so much as informing them.

Dolly Trolley was invited to the school on Tuesday Feb 22, where she taught a dance to children aged nine years and up. She then had a sit-down with children at the school-aged five to nine years, and read to them.

According to the Daily Mail, an anonymous mother told them in an interview, “We are usually told when an outsider will be visiting the school, but on this occasion we were not.”

The mother continued, saying, “My daughter said she felt weird and didn’t like it. She said a lot of the teachers were pulling funny faces when Dolly came out in a very revealing short beaded dress and thigh-high black leather boots.”

The mother then mentioned that “…we’ve spoken to both our children and they both said their friends all thought it was weird and inappropriate for their age.”

Dolly’s own website calls the act “Completely bonkers, utterly delightful and always at 100mph,” going on to state that “Dolly Trolley is a Yorkshire-born firecracker based in London.” The website is also rife with sexually explicit photos, further fuelling the flames of the controversy.

A spokesperson for Merton Council, the local governing body that also acts as a school district, commented when asked about the controversy, “Hollymount School held a themed week to underline its commitment to diversity. Neither the school nor the governors are aware of any formal complaints.”

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