Just In: Democrats Receive Terrible News About the Next Election

Republicans will regain the house in 2022. Seventy-eight percent of senior Capitol Hill aides believe it will happen.

The Punchbowl News included fifty-seven percent of Democrats Hill staffers believe Republicans will regain control.

Additionally, 99 percent of Republicans on the Hill believe control of the house will be gained, ending House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) reign of trying to push her radical one-sided agenda through.

In an April poll from Punchbowl, a substantial majority (66 percent) also said they believe Republicans will reclaim the majority, which included 36 percent Democrat respondents, who thought at the time they would lose the House majority.

The survey was conducted between April 11 and 28 online through Locust Street Group in partnership with Punchbowl News. The 158 Capitol Hill aids included Cheifs of staff, legislative directors, communications directors, press secretaries, and staff directors.

Punchbowl News previously said the reason for polling aides is; aides hold outsized power. Senior staffers are the gatekeepers and, in many cases, the decision-makers.”

The Republican campaign arm, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), recently expanded the list of vulnerable Democrats the committee is looking to pick off and unseat in the midterm election. The complete list is 57 venerable House Democrat members up from the initial 47 member list of targets from the (NRCC).

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