BREAKING: Biden Stabbed In The Back – Top Dem BLASTS Him

A Texas Democrat is demanding the Biden administration approve the border emergency declaration of Governor Gregg Abbott. Upon Biden’s approval, FEMA would be allowed to reimburse border residents for damages caused by migrants.

“Last week, on October 13, I wrote to President Biden urging him to grant a Federal Emergency Authorization for the border crisis,” Morales said in a Facebook post he published on October 18. “Initially, he rejected to grant a Federal Emergency Authorization, but Texas is now appealing.”

Texas Governor Abbott said he would issue a State of Emergency Declaration back in June due to the deteriorating situation of the state’s southern border with Mexico.

“The influx across the border is out of control, and the Biden Administration has shown that is not going to step up and do its job,” Governor Abbott told Breitbart Texas right before he made a public announcement on June 10. “And amidst reports of even more people coming in across the border, we know we have to step up and do more.” 

However, the application for FEMA support was rejected by President Biden, who has not even spoken with Abbott since taking office “I am fighting hard for President Biden to grant this authorization because I believe families should not have to bear the financial responsibility from the damages brought on by migrant crossings,” Morales continued in his Facebook post. “My office has received reports from families of migrants coming up to their homes, and in some instances, breaking in. We have also heard reports of ranchers having their fences cut and people’s water lines severed. Victims of this damage should not bear the financial responsibility of repairs.”

“Democrat to Democrat, this does not need to be a partisan matter,” Morales added. “These communities are pleading for the safety and security of American and Texas citizens.”

“Families and individuals along the border are often scared for their safety,” Morales expressed in his letter to Biden. “The people I represent — the people who live in these communities — do not deserve to be subject to this fear, nor should they be subject to having to pay for the damages to their property.”

Morales argues that the border crisis engulfs his constituents and community.

“We need help and relief,” Morales declared in his concluding statement. “I ask that we put partisan politics aside and the federal government approve relief for communities who can no longer bear the costs.”

Morales’ district is in Maverick County, where Trump made vast improvements during the 2020 elections. For example, this county was dominated by Hilary Clinton’s 56 points in 2016, and Biden only won with 9 points from the county.

Republicans could quickly gain headway with Hispanics by getting tough on immigration. That was demonstrated in 2020 by taking border security seriously; a Republican could make gains with border Hispanics.

Hopefully, Texas Republicans get the memo and start doubling down on immigration restriction and reject Hispandering altogether. 

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