BREAKING: Top Dem Officially LOSES Reelection

(SNews) – Chicago rebuked Mayor Lori Lightfoot in today’s election. Accordibg to CBS News, Lightfoot is tge first mayor in forty years to lose.

Lightfoot just comceded the race. Retiring Ald. Howard Brookins on Mayor Lori Lightfoot: “It was hard to be her friend when she thought you were the enemy.”

“The world is very different than it was four years ago. I believe that I’m still the right person and I think the voters will validate that, but we’ve been through a lot,” Lightfoot said earlier. “We can’t go back.”

Paul Vallas got the most votes and has the backing of the cops.

Paul served the Illinois state legislature for ten years, first as an advisor to the Education and Appropriation and Revenue Committees, then as the Director of the Illinois Economic and Fiscal Commission, which is Illinois’ legislative economic forecasting and research arm. He developed a strong working relationship with groundbreaking State Senator Dawn Clark Netsch, who became a mentor and friend for many years. During his tenure he was involved in helping resolve numerous financial challenges and state economic development financing issues.​

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley recruited Paul in 1990 to reform the scandal-ridden Department of Revenue and to revamp the City’s tax and fees system. When promoted to Budget Director, Paul ended the City’s recurring budget crisis, while simultaneously allocating funding to put an additional 1,500 police on the streets. He financed the largest infrastructure investment program since the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, including resurfacing 70-percent, or 38,000 miles, of Chicago’s streets and roads.

In 1995, Mayor Daley took control over the financially bankrupt and academically failing Chicago Public Schools and appointed Paul as the nation’s first public school district CEO. As CEO, Paul closed a projected five-year $1.3 billion budget deficit, balanced six consecutive budgets, instituted the largest school construction plan in the nation’s history ($3 billion), improved test scores each year, created 15 International Baccalaureate Academies and opened the nation’s first public High School Military Academies. He left the district with labor peace with no teacher strikes, fully funded pensions, $1.2 billion in cash reserves, and unprecedented bond rating upgrades – twelve during his tenure.

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