Breaking: Trump Makes Big Impeachment Announcement

President Trump told House Republicans to either get serious about impeaching President Biden or else they could find themselves facing primary opposition.

“The biggest complaint I get and we have some unbelievable congressmen that I’m going to introduce, and they are not the problem,” Trump told a massive crowd in Erie, Pennsylvania. “But the biggest complaint that I get is that the Republicans find out this information and then they do nothing about it! They don’t do anything about it!”

“It all dies. You know, they die. The radical lunatic Democrats, they impeach me, they indict me, they rig our elections. And the Republicans just don’t fight the way they’re good people, but they don’t fight the way they’re supposed to fight. The others are dirty, sick players, and the Republicans are very high class. They’ve got to be a little bit lower class,” he added.

“Any Republican that doesn’t act on Democrat fraud should be immediately primaried and get out…They have to play tough and they have to be. And honestly, and if they’re not willing to do it, we’ve got a lot of good, tough Republicans around that. People are going to run against them and people are going to win and they’re going to get my endorsement every single time. And they’re going to win because we win almost every race.”

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