HORROR: Major Liberal City Breaks Homicide Record… It’s Out of Control

Under mayor Jim Kenney’s (D) reigns, Philidelphia reached 501 homicides for the year on Friday; the previous record of 500 was set in 1990.

6 ABC reports the city’s 501 murder occurred around 9 p.m. Friday “on the 7100 block of Ardleigh Street in East Mount Airy.”

The male victim was shot five times. He was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead.

Other Democrat-run cities across the country have seen gun violence ragging as well.

Breitbart News noted nearly 40 people were shot in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) Chicago by Sunday morning alone during Thanksgiving weekend, and HeyJackass.com pointed out that 3,486 people have been shot and wounded in Chicago so far this year.

In 2021, 738 people have been shot and killed in Chicago.

Mayor Bill Peduto’s (D) Pittsburgh is also grappling with gun crime. Breitbart News observed that Pittsburgh’s Deputy police commissioner Christine Coulter blasted the District Attorney, suggesting lax gun prosecutions, after a pregnant woman and her baby were shot and killed on November 20, 2021.

The Daily Mail reported that the deceased, 32-year-old mother, Jessica Covington, was shot and killed while unloading gifts she had received at a baby shower.

Deputy commissioner Coulter said, “Children are getting shot, unborn children getting shot, what is the city doing about this?”

Democrat-led Baltimore is also seeing homicides surging.

On November 26, 2021, WMAR showed 308 homicides year-to-date in Baltimore versus 300 on the same date in 2020.

Democrat-controlled Washington, DC, is seeing a spike in homicides too. Axios reports the number of homicides in DC is higher than it has been since 2003.

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