Just In: Biden Moves To Disarm All Americans

President Biden will blame gun ownership for the drastic rise in violent crimes in American’s major cities during a speech on Wednesday.

Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, previewed Biden’s upcoming address during Monday’s daily press briefing.

“The President feels a lot — a great deal of the crime we’re seeing is a result of gun violence,” she said. “You can expect he’ll speak to that and his commitment to continuing to address gun violence and gun safety in the country.”

Biden will acknowledge that the violent crimes have occurred under his watch as the Democrat’s policies are to blame.

According to new FBI data, the murder rate has risen 25 percent, while violent crime has risen about three percent.

Republicans blame Democrats for the violent crimes exploding after they embraced the radical left anti-police agenda promoted by the Black Lives Matter movement.

A Fox News poll released in May showed 73 percent of Americans believe crime is higher in 2021 under the watch of President Biden than it was under former President Trump in 2020.

Psaki sent signals that Biden would tell how violent crimes in American’s major cities also increased under Trump in an effort to deflect the blame.

“[T]here’s been actually a rise in crime over the last five years, but really the last 18 months,” Psaki said, trying to excuse any blame on the rise in violent crime from Biden’s leadership.

Thirty-seven cities with data for the first quarter of the year show an 18 percent increase in murders compared to the same period of 2020.

In a conversation with civil rights leaders after the 2020 presidential election, Biden said they should not “get too far ahead ourselves on dealing with police reform.”

“That’s how they beat the living hell out of us across the country, saying that we’re talking about defunding the police,” Biden said in December 2020.

However, during Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, Biden engaged anti-police protestors, all while placing blame on police departments for escalating tensions with the black communities. Biden also voiced his support for “redirecting” funds away from police departments.

The increase of officers retiring across the country signals the anti-police rhetoric has deflated police departments.

Previously, Biden tried to blame gun ownership on the rise of crime. In April, he condemned gun violence as “an epidemic” and “an international embarrassment.”

Biden has vowed to push for more gun control as the answer to the increase in violent crime.

“No amendment to the Constitution is absolute,” Biden said.

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