JUST IN: White House Decision STUNS Americans – This Is Horrible

The Biden White House spotlights a set of images to promote the “Life of Linda,” highlighting the government’s role in our of our life under the proposed Build Back Better agenda.

The slides tell the story of “Linda,” a pregnant working mother who receives a monthly check from the government to help her provide for her son after he is born and also gets money to help her pay for daycare.

In a new marketing campaign, the White House promotes “Life of Linda.”

“Linda” sends son “Leo” at the age of 3 to government schools and will receive government assistance to pay for community college once he leaves high school.

Once Leo is born, Linda begins receiving Child Tax Credits of $300 per month.
As Leo grows up, the government helps cover the costs for his day care, guaranteeing that Linda doesn't need to pay more than 7 percent of her income on child care.
When Leo turns 3, he attends a high-quality Pre-K program for free.

After college, “Leo” gets a job as a windmill technician and will get government assistance to help care for his aging mother; she will get hearing aids from the government as she grows old.

When Leo leaves high school, he enrolls in community college and receives Pell Grants.

The series “Life of Linda” does not show a husband or father in the life of Linda or Leo; it suggests the government will fill in for the man missing in their lives.

Biden’s “Life of Linda” echos Obama’s “Life of Julia” marketing to promote Obamacare to single women.

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