Just In: Elon Musk Calls Out “Pure Evil” Liberals

(SNews) – Twitter boss Elon Musk has blasted the use of the phrase “gender-affirming care for minors” and warned that such procedures are “pure evil.”

The phrase is often used by the Left to describe life-altering sex-change treatments for children.

The procedures include puberty-blocking drugs, hormone treatments, and irreversible surgeries.

Musk made the comment in response to a tweet from renowned psychologist Jordan Peterson.

Peterson had declared that the “phrase ‘gender-affirming’ care is a criminally evil lie.”


Despite claims from leftist “science” advocates, the treatments do almost the exact opposite of affirming an individual’s immutable biological sex.

Last week, Musk indicated in a tweet that he intends to lobby to “criminalize” the performance of permanent gender-transition measures on kids prior to the age of consent, as Slay News reported.

“This is a major problem,” he declared.

“I will be actively lobbying to criminalize making severe, irreversible changes to children below the age of consent.

“Shame on those who advocate this!

“It is utterly contemptible.”


In an April tweet, Musk said that he believes “we should wait until an individual is mature enough to make their own decisions before other adults make permanent, serious physical changes to them.”

On Sunday, Musk responded to a Twitter account called The Rabbit Hole that had tweeted, “‘Gender Affirming Care’ is in the best of cases a euphemism for a paid yes-man to continually affirm delusions and in the worst of cases a euphemism for putting children on horrible drugs or outright child mutilation.”



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