BREAKING: We DID IT – Hollywood And D.C. Elites Completely Melt Down

Together, Hollywood celebrities share their rage in the big Republican win resulting in former Virginia Governor McAuliffe (D) losing to Youngkin (R).

The celebrities include Rosie O’Donnell, Cher, Amber Tamblyn, Jeffrey Wright, Sophia Bush, Bradley Whitford, and Rosanna Arquette, expressing anger and panic over the Democrat loss.

Apparently distraught, O’Donnell tweeted, “We r fucked.”

Arquette declared, “Fascism is alive and well in America.”

They are distressed with the Virginia victory, and anti-critical race theory candidates won in school board elections across the country, an apparent response to the Democrat’s efforts to indoctrinate young children.

Tuesday’s elections were widely seen as a poll on President Biden. His popularity has fallen off the cliff as his administration fails to deal with soaring inflation, empty shelves in stores, and the crisis at the southern border. Recently, an NBC poll showed 71 percent of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, and Biden’s approval rating has sunk to 42 percent.

Biden endorser Rosie O’Donnell admitted defeat early Wednesday.

‘We r fucked,” she replied to MSNBC pundit Malcolm Nance’s attempts to rally Democrat voters in Virginia.

Cher had an emotional meltdown, claiming the GOP will make the U.S. a “whites only” club.

More than an hour later (still in all caps), Cher blasted Democrats for failing to pass Joe Biden’s legislative agenda and called Republicans “Nazis.”

An actor on MGM’s No Time to Die, Jeffrey Wright, claimed the Democratic Party was sabotaged from inside and outside on election night.

On Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, Bradley Whitford, an actor, blamed the loss on racism and called the controversy around CRT “utter bullshit.”

Josh Gad, star of Disney’s Frozen, compared GOP victories to America trying to “burn down the entire house.”

Wendell Pierce, star of Amazon’s Jack Ryan, blamed election night results on the “prejudices of ordinary people.”

Actress Sophia Bush blamed the Democratic losses on the non-left-wing news media.

Rosanna Arquette took a shot at her side, blaming Democrats for Tuesday’s losses.

Randi Mayem Singer, the screenwriter for Mrs. Doubtfire, declared that “racism” won on Tuesday.

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