Just In: Hunter’s Discarded Child Gets Revenge

(SNews) – Hunter Biden is to let his discarded daughter her former stripper mother choose one of his paintings to keep as part of a child support settlement in court.

The child, who is snubbed by Hunter and the Biden family, will get one of the “artworks” after a judge modified the agreement to lower the financial support.

Biden had previously been ordered to pay $20,0000 in monthly child support in 2020 after a paternity test proved that the child was his daughter.

The child support struggle was settled out of court after a deposition in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Lunden Roberts reportedly agreed to have her child support payments from Biden slashed from $20,000 a month to $5,000 as part of the agreement.

She also agreed to drop her demand to have the child adopt the Biden surname.

Politico reported that Biden would have to “assign the child” some of his paintings.

But the exact number of paintings was redacted.

The filing added that “the child shall select the painting which shall either be sent to the child” or to a gallery chosen by the child’s mother.

The daughter, named Navy, is 4 years old.

The paintings, which were created by Hunter Biden as a part of his rehabilitation from drug and alcohol addiction, are estimated to be worth between $75,000 and $500,000 each by the New York City gallery that exhibited the work.

The price tag for the paintings fueled concerns that the artwork could be a method by which unsavory actors could make contributions to the Biden family in exchange for political favors.

If the pay-for-play allegations are true, the paintings will have little value to anyone other than official Biden family members.

Roberts had reportedly petitioned the judge to send Biden to jail for six months for lying about his finances.

Biden will also agree to a plea deal in order to settle charges related to tax and gun charges in an unrelated case.

He is expected to avoid jail time in the deal.


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