JUST IN: Joe Rogan Drops HAMMER On The Catholic Church

(Slay News) – Podcaster Joe Rogan has dropped the hammer on the Catholic Church by declaring that the Vatican is “filled with pedophiles.”

The host tore into the Holy See during a recent episode of his hugely popular show, “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

While speaking with his guests, “TRIGGERnometry” hosts Francis Foster and Konstantin Kisin, the conversation quickly turned to the Vatican, which Rogan declared is “a country filled with pedophiles and stolen art.”

The Catholic Church came up when they were discussing culture, outrage, and how much of that Rogan believed was not necessarily fair or balanced.

“Even the outrage about things you should be outraged about, like Jeffrey Epstein, that outrage was balanced. Right? Sort of. Right?” Rogan began.

Rogan noted that the outrage over deceased sex trafficker Epstein was more or less universal.

“But what about the Catholic church?” he asked.

“Like why isn’t everybody really freaking out about — I was just in Italy and one of the things that’s nuts is the Vatican is a country.

“It’s a country filled with pedophiles,” he said.

“It’s a country filled with pedophiles and stolen art. It’s a small, like hundred yard — Like what is it?

“A hundred acres, I think. Yeah.

“It’s a hundred acre rather, country inside of a city filled with pedophiles.”


Kisin pushed back, pointing out how lucky Rogan was to be in the United States when he made such statements.

“This is why I love America, man. Cause in the U.K., we have libel laws,” he said.

“So if you say something like that and you then have to be able to prove it, otherwise you can get sued.”

“Well, you can kind of prove that,” Rogan argued.

Foster agreed, pointing out the fact that even into the 21st century, the age of consent was just twelve.

“I mean I read the other day that — I think it was until five, six years ago, the age of consent in the Vatican City was 12 years old,” he said.

The conversation then prompted Rogan to ask producer Jamie Vernon to verify the claim.

“Oh my God,” Rogan said once Vernon had found what he was looking for.

“The Vatican city’s equal age of consent being raised from 12 to 18, following the announcement of an overall — the Catholic church criminal code by Pope Francis.”

The Zanardelli Code, which set the age of consent to 12 years old for Vatican City in 1889, was repealed in 2010 and changed to 18.

Rogan went on to reference several instances in which the Catholic Church was alleged to have known about molestation and instead of punishing the priests responsible, had simply moved them to where they might not be noticed.


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