Just In: Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes BIG Move To Save Trump

(SNews) – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene announced Monday she will introduce a measure to remove funding for special counsel Jack Smith’s office and his investigation into former President Donald Trump.

Greene said: “Today, I’d like to announce that I’m writing an appropriations rider to defund Jack Smith, special counsel, his office, and the investigation.

“This is a weaponized government attempt to take down the top political enemy and leading presidential candidate of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

“We cannot allow the government to be weaponized for political purposes.

“I’d also like to ask all of my colleagues to join me in this effort.

“We have to use the power of appropriations to stop the weaponization of government, especially in light that we know that there are others who are guilty of true crimes.

“Don’t forget Joe Biden’s documents that are sitting in his garage next to his Corvette where the door opens and closes.

“America sees this for exactly what it is and we will not allow it to stand.”

She brought up Hillary Clinton’s scandalous behavior.

“There should have been an investigation done into that,” she said.




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