Just In: Newt Gingrich Reveals Biden Admin’s Huge Legal Trouble

(SNews) – Republican former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has warned Attorney General Merrick Garland that he is in “grave danger” of obstruction of justice charges.

During an appearance on Fox News, most of the discussion with Gingrich was over the huge revelations brought forth by Devon Archer’s testimony from last Monday.

During his testimony, Archer proved Joe Biden’s claim, that he had no involvement in his son’s foreign business dealings, to be a lie.

Archer testified to the fact that Joe Biden was brought in on 20 phone calls with his son Hunter Biden while on the board of Ukraine energy company Burisma.

Joe Biden also attended at least two dinners with his son in connection to Burisma as well.

Gingrich cited the apparent dereliction of the Garland and Biden DOJ in doing anything to hold the Biden family accountable for alleged criminal activity.

Gingrich pointed out that Special Counsel Jack Smith has charged President Donald Trump with a law that was passed over a century ago.

He then cited a law that the Biden family could be charged under from around the same period of time.

Gingrich noted Garland is targeting Trump while allowing the allegations against Biden to slide.

“The only cabinet officer ever to go to jail was Attorney General John Mitchell for obstruction of justice,” Gingrich noted.

He added, “I am absolutely certain that the current Attorney General Merrick Garland is in grave danger of being charged with obstruction of justice and with having destroyed the system.”

“I think Congress frankly should be right now subpoenaing all the documents between Smith and Garland because I think Garland’s been directing this I think the timing is weird,” Gingrich stated.

He called the charging of former president Trump, “blatantly disgustingly political,” after pointing out that every time a bombshell about the Biden family’s alleged criminal activity is dropped, new charges seem to come forth against Trump the following day.



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