Just In: Oregon’s Liberal Gun Law Is INSANE (Video)

On Saturday, a new law took effect in Oregon that requires guns to be locked or securely stored when in a home.

On April 19, 2021, the Associated Press reported that under consideration in Oregon was a gun lock bill noting it “would be among the toughest in the U.S.”

As the bill was being considered, those opposing the gun lock requirement testified of loved ones who needed a gun for self-defense but could not access their firearm because it was locked. Jim Mischel of Sheridan, Oregon, was quoted as saying while his wife was alone one night, she heard a strange noise and went to retrieve a pistol from a “locked gun box.”

He said his wife could not get her gun from the lockbox before being found by the intruder.

Mischel said, “She was unable to get the box unlocked and the pistol out before he got into the bedroom and threatened her with his gun. She has never recovered.”

As noted by AP, Gov. Kate Brown (D) signed the legislature -SB 554- on June 2, 2021. The AP observed that SB 554 requires “that firearms be secured with a trigger or cable lock, in a locked container or gun room.”

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