Just In: Major City Under ATTACK – Mass Chaos Breaks Out

In Portland, Oregon, as of October 18, 2021, sixty-seven homicides have occurred, breaking the year-to-date record for a given year.

Portland’s record number of homicides for one year was 66, set in 1987, reports Fox News; however, in 2021, the city has seen 67.

There have been “about 1,000 shootings” in Portland, and “firearms have accounted for three-quarters of homicide,” noted the Associated Press.

Allegedly, some of the shootings can be traced to “gangs, fights and retaliation killings,” however, even innocent bystanders are endangered by the widespread violence.

For example, 34-year-old Jacob Eli Knight Vasquez was struck by a stray bullet and killed in late September while sitting in a popular pizza bar.

The family of Vasquez pointed to restrictions holding back the officers and budget cuts to the police.

Vasquez’s brother-in-law, Don Osborn, said, “Let’s, please untie the hands of our law enforcement officers. I believe if the proper tools were in place for our law enforcement officers, this wouldn’t even have happened.”

Portland Police Association Executive Director Daryl Turner told NBC Nightly News that defunding the police had played a role in the conditions:

Morale is as bad as it’s ever been before. We’re dealing with rioting at a level and sustained violence that we’ve never seen before; we’re looking at violence in our city, gun violence in our city like we’ve never seen before. We’re looking at the most catastrophic staffing levels that we’ve ever seen before; we’re looking at budget cuts to defund us at levels never seen before.

Giffords, Gabby Giffords gun control outlet reports universal background checks, a red flag law, gun storage requirements, among other controls, are in effect in Oregon.

Universal background checks and red flag laws have been pushed for years by Democrats at the federal level to make America safer.

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