JUST IN: Texas Police REFUSES To Apologize For This Kyle Rittenhouse Photo

(Slay News) – A Central Texas police department told the woke mob to go pound sand after posting a photo of an officer with Kyle Rittenhouse during a traffic stop.

Officials with the Thrall, Texas, Police Department refused to take the photo down or apologize, instead they shamed the left and defended Kyle. If you don’t remember, the media whipped America into a frenzy claiming Kyle was a murderer. But the trial proved Kyle defended himself and the left has never forgiven him.

They posted this with a photo of Kyle and an unnamed cop. “Make those stops, you never know who you might meet. Today it was Kyle Rittenhouse, welcome to Texas.’

After the backlash, they posted: “I must have missed something, I believed that this young man was arrested, charged, indicted and then found not guilty by a jury of his peers.

“Is this not how our country works anymore?

“The hate in these comments is terrible, if you have information that is contrary to that I would honestly love to hear it.”

According to Breitbart:

With more than 10,000 reactions to the post, none were “angry” or “sad.” Nearly 6,500 were “laughs” or “love” reactions.

Thrall is located in Central Texas between Austin and College Station. The population of the community is under 1,000 people.

One commenter, Kari Ashpaugh, criticized the department, saying, “Sick you are making him out as a hero. Shame on your officer and this department,” the Daily Mail reported.

The department did not identify the officer or what led to the chance meeting.

After more than 1,800 negative comments, the department refused to take down the photo and added the comments above.


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