JUST IN: Top Clinton Adviser Breaks Silence… Biden In BIG Trouble

(SNews) – Former Bill Clinton administration advisor David Gergen has warned that Democrat President Joe Biden will get “creamed” over his classified documents scandal because “it’s a very, very big deal.”

The former White House official, now a political analyst at CNN, commented on the scandal after three batches of classified material have been found in Biden’s private home and office.

During an interview with CNN, network opinion host Anderson Cooper asked Gergen about the scale of Biden’s scandal.

“It’s very, very big,” Gergen responded.

“Not legally, but politically,” he claimed.

“It’s a very, very big deal.”

Gergen’s legal claim may not be entirely accurate, however.

As Slay News reported, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced earlier this week that he appointed a special counsel to oversee the federal investigation into the scandal.

“I do think that they, that the Biden people, they may be making a big mistake,” Gergen said.

“I don’t think sitting there, hunkering down now, you’re just acting like it’s not out there … they’re going to get creamed doing that.”

Gergen said that the way the Biden administration has handled the matter is going to lead the American public to ask the question, “What are they hiding?”



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