JUST IN: Dems Facing BIG Investigation – Americans Stunned

Virginia’s newly elected Republican Attorney General vows to investigate Loudoun County’s school board negligence in the sexual assault in a Stone Bridge High School bathroom.

Jason Miyares held a press conference on Thursday, two days after the election, in which matters related to schools loomed large, revealing how he plans to lead in his new position.

When a reporter asked if he plans to investigate the sexual assault issue in Loudoun County Public Schools, he delivered a one-word response: “Yes.”

Miyares also said he and Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin plan to look into changing Virginia law to give the attorney general the authority to step in when local officials feel the commonwealth’s attorney is not doing an adequate job. He specifically mentioned Northern Virginia, where Loudoun County is located.

“If there’s anything that I want to bring back to the forefront in this process, [it’s] the victims,” Miyares said. “I can tell you as a former prosecutor; those are the individuals you remember … the victims.”

Scott Zeigler, Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent claimed no knowledge of a sexual assault, despite acknowledging the event in an email after the story was reported. The cross-dressing student was convicted last month which has led to a backlash against the WOKE Democratic party before the Virginia election earlier this week. In the election, three state offices were won by Republicans.

The student is accused of another assault in a different school. Parents are questioning how the school board simply shuffled the boy to another school without transparency. Scott Smith, the father of the victim in the second incident was falsely charged for leading a protest at a school board meeting. The prosecutor openly spoke of her desire to silence Scott Smith.

It is believed Loudoun County school board members tried to prevent parent and community backlash against trans ideologies in school while covering up the sex crime.

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