JUST IN: Top Fox Host UNLEASHES on Fauci… WOW

(The Post Millennial) – Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld is standing up for his fellow political commentator, Jesse Watters, after CNN refused to play a clip of Watters allegedly using “dangerous” language to describe Dr. Anthony Fauci.

In a Tuesday segment on CNN, Fauci called for Watters’ termination from Fox News, where he co-hosts “The Five,” after he made a metaphor advising conservatives how to confront Fauci on the origins of the coronavirus.

“Now you go in for the kill shot. The kill shot? With an ambush? Deadly, because he doesn’t see it coming,” said Watters at a recent Turning Point USA event.

“This is when you say: ‘Dr. Fauci, you funded risky research at a sloppy Chinese lab. The same lab that sprung this pandemic on the world. You know why people don’t trust you. Don’t you? Boom! He is dead,” Watters said at the conference. “He’s done. You do that, in 30 seconds, it’s all you need.”

“Imagine Tucker Carlson teases it at the A-block: ‘Coming up, brave college student confronts Lord Fauci at dinner,” added Watters. “Exclusive footage, be right back. Get us that! That’s what we want. That changes the whole conversation of the country. I’ve authorized it. Just make sure it’s legal.”

Rather than providing context, people like Democrat activist Jon Cooper falsely claimed that Watters “publicly called for the ASSASSINATION of Dr. Fauci.”

Watters’ remarks, no doubt unwitnessed by Fauci himself, prompted the White House medical advisor to demand Watters’ firing.

After CNN aired the Fauci segment, Fox News issued a statement standing behind its host and emphasized that Watters was “clearly” not being literal when criticizing Fauci, explaining that he was calling on young conservatives to ask Fauci tough questions – as Watters himself says during his appearance at the Turning Point USA event.

Gutfeld hammered CNN and host John Berman, whom he says unfairly framed Watters’ language to viewers in order to mislead. Berman did not air the clip of Watters’ remarks, opting instead to describe it as “dangerous” language.

“if [Jesse Watters] wasn’t a private citizen he could sue the sh*t out of CNN,” Gutfeld posted on Twitter. “He was suggesting asking hard questions; CNN deliberately clipped it to fabricate a physical threat. Even libs agree.”

“As CNN deny real crime, they create fake ones,” Gutfeld added. “[You] must fight back, or you’re next.”

“yo [John Berman] – [You] seem reasonable,” Gutfeld added. “[You] must admit what [you] did was in error, maybe they gave [you] the wrong tape, or edited, so [you] were tricked. But realize [Jesse Watters] was talking about the usual 60 minutes style of asking questions. Not violence. Be a man: correct it. It matters.”


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