Just In: Trump Announces Solution To Eliminate Voter Fraud

Former President Trump told Breitbart News that voting machines should be eliminated in all states and solely return to paper ballots; additionally, early voting should also be eliminated, and coast-to-coast voter ID requirements should be instituted.

Trump was asked what he thinks could fix the system and restore confidence in elections; he listed several things he hopes states will implement to reform the system.

“Voter ID is very important,” Trump told Breitbart News. “Frankly, going to paper ballots is better than anything you can do — paper ballots. Going to paper ballots. You know, Canada uses paper ballots. I think going to paper ballots would be the best thing if you want to have accurate elections. Countries that do paper ballots — solidly watched paper ballots — those are the ones that work. And stop the mail-in ballots unless it’s for military and overseas or very sick people, people that just can’t vote — and they have to have some kind of a real excuse. I think paper ballots, same-day voting would be great. Those things, you’d straighten out your elections.”

Paper ballots are used in Canada. Canadian election officials issued a public statement making it clear.

Trump was encouraged by grassroots-level actions to reform elections across the country, particularly in Texas, as state legislature just cleared the final hurdles to get a bill through to Gov. Gregg Abbott (R), who is expected to sign it soon. However, Trump had harsh words for Georgia; he said the proposal was weakened by Gov. Brian Kemp (R).

“Georgia’s new law is not strong,” Trump said. “Texas’s new law is strong. Georgia’s new law is not strong because the governor of Georgia didn’t want it to be strong. It’s better than it was, but it’s not strong.”

Trump urged Republicans to focus not only on the future but also on exposing what he says happened last year.

“The single biggest topic for the Republican Party is the voter fraud of 2020 — not 2022, not 2024,” Trump said. “You’ll never get to 2024; you’ll never get to 2022.”

Trump pointed to the importance of various audits around the country, like in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. It is harder to get his side of the story out as establishment media ignores voter fraud and election issues.

“Here’s the question. This is a new phenomena. This is what happens with Communism. You can’t have a scandal if nobody writes about it.” Trump said, “Look at what they’re finding in Georgia. Look at what they’re finding in Arizona. I mean, Arizona, they want to recheck and double-check — people can’t even believe. Look, that’s being done by the Senate, not by me. But people can’t believe the kinds of numbers coming out. They’re massive. Now, you’re starting in Wisconsin. Now, Pennsylvania is moving because they said, ‘wait a minute.’”

He is watching the results from broader national pushes in investigating last year’s happenings. Trump said he thinks it is a “big deal” when asked about the recent report on the forthcoming investigations from True the Vote -claiming it has cell phone GPS ping data from hundreds of alleged “ballot traffickers” allegedly going to multiple ballot drop boxes in critical cities in swing states numerous times.

“This is a big deal. This is a big deal. I know — I’ve been hearing about it,” Trump said of True the Vote’s forthcoming investigation.

The group says it has obtained surveillance video from ballot drop boxes in Georgia to back up its case, and those videos will be coming out soon, as Breitbart News has recently reported.

Trump cited multiple recent reports from Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) president and general counsel J. Christian Adams, who, using Election Assistance Commission (EAC) government data, reports that 15 million mail ballots nationwide were unaccounted for in the 2020 election.

Trump argued the questionable outcome of those ballots Adams discovered using data from the government and the over margins results of the election between him and Biden. “That’s the election right there,” Trump said.

After the Trump interview, Adams joined Breitbart News on Sirius XM to explain his report, saying 2020 was “the worst way to run an [American] election.”

“This is not data that we are speculating about,” Adams said. “This is federal data, and that’s where we get the 15 million number. Fifteen million ballots were sent in the mail last year that never ever came back and were counted.”

A longtime conservative activist and former mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio, Ken Blackwell, told Breitbart News that PILF and America First Public Policy Institute’s Center for Election Integrity is digging into what happened in 2020.

“In combination, we have shined a light into the dark corners of the 2020 election, and we are going to continue to beat the drum for transparency. And we are going to litigate, and we have a track record of winning,” Blackwell said.

“There were disturbing patterns of irregularities and constitutional transgressions that took place in the 2020 election,” Blackwell added in a phone interview. “One of the things that makes you go ‘huh?’ is that President Trump was the first president to get 11 million more votes in his reelection effort than his first election, and he lost. Joe Biden won the election with a record low percentage of counties in which he won. The voting public is demanding transparency and a deep dive. While there is no constitutional provision that would boot Joe Biden out of office, there is sufficient evidence that a federalized system which the Democrats and the radical left are proposing would undermine states’ rights and common-sense practices that tighten the chain of custody of ballots and establish verification systems that make it clear that people are who they purport to be.”

Blackwell serves as the bipartisan International Foundation for Electoral Systems co-chair, which gives him a unique insight into the worldwide elections, he said. “There is not another country in the world that uses mail-in ballots on the scale we did in 2020,” Blackwell said. “To top it off, unlike a couple states in the country that use primarily mail-in ballots, most states don’t have the competency to do it without problems.”

Blackwell said no other countries use mail-in ballots to the extent the U.S. did in 2020, adding, “most advise against it.”

“There is a reason why you have an election day and that is because you have people voting at this same time at the precinct level, and that helps with the verification process,” Blackwell said. “The further we get from voting on the same day, the more risk we take on the chain of custody and verification processes. It’s consistent with balloting all over the globe. The same Biden clown car that gave us the Afghanistan mess wants to take control of our elections. That’s what they want to do with federalizing elections.”

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