Listen: Country Rock Star Delivers EPIC Ode to America

Country Rock star Aaron Lewis released “Am I the Only One,” a ballad affirming his patriotism while showing his dismay at the direction the country has taken recently. Left-Wing activists are called out for dismantling historic statues.

Aaron Lewis is the founding member of the rock band Staind; his new single is dedicated to “all the patriots.”

“Am I the only one here tonight, shakin’ my head and think’ something ain’t right,” the song begins. “Is it just me, am I losing my mind, am I standing on the edge at the end of time?”

The song continues:

Am I the only one / Willin’ to bleed / Or take a bullet for being free

Screamin’ what the hell at my TV / For tellin’ me / Yeah you’re tellin’ me

That I’m the only one / Willin’ to fight /

For my love of the red and white / And the blue, burnin’ on the ground

Another statue comin’ down / In a town near you

Watchin’ the threads of Old Glory come undone

The song takes a stab at Bruce Springsteen.

Am I the only one

Who quits singin’ along / every time they play a Springsteen song.

Lewis first performed the song in March during a solo concert in Texas. He is unspoken about his political beliefs, last month; he criticized Biden and Democrats during a solo performance in Virginia.

“I wrote this next song because I’m sitting here as a 49-year-old father of three watching a very small handful of people destroy the country that was handed down to me by my forefathers — the country that my grandfather and my uncles, they all fought for,” Lewis said, according to a report from the site Blabbermouth.

“I watched the Joe Biden speech the other day. I don’t even know why I do it, but I do. And I heard him tell the story about this massacre that happened in Oklahoma a long time ago,” he continued.

“So, I’d like to point something out that is very obvious, yet no one seems to bring it up or talk about it, that every racist law that’s ever been put into place, every scar on America was the Democrats. All of it. It’s there if you go and look. Every racist law was come up with and voted through and unanimously passed by fucking Democrats.”

Lewis endorsed President Trump, and he has worn MAGA hats while performing.

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