MUST-SEE: Don Jr Goes NUCLEAR On Democrats

(SNews0 – Don Trump Jr. issued a warning to Democrats and all political donors about what his father would do if he wins a second term in office in 2024.

Speaking on the Full Send podcast, Trump Jr. said his dad, because he could only serve one term if he won in 2024, would not be beholden to donors our outside political influence and could “break sh*t up.”

He said: “You don’t have to try and get reelected again. You can just do everything that you need to do. That’s the difference between Trump and being beholden to your donors, being beholden to the establishment class.

“In 2024, Trump is like a lame duck so he can just go in there and break all that sh*t up.

“You know, not trying to get re-elected again.

“You can just do everything that you need to do.

“Donors want a president—who when they call—picks up the damn phone.

“When they say jump, they jump because you need that check, you need that lifeline.

“They know Trump doesn’t really need them.

“DeSantis, who is a career politician—guess what? He needs that money.

“And guess what?

“He needs that money again to further the goal, and again.

“So he’s gotta act…when donors say ju mp, he says, ‘How high?’

“That’s the nature of politics.”

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