MUST-SEE: Kayleigh McEnany Gives Joe Biden The PERFECT New Nickname

(Slay News) – Kayleigh McEnany called out President Joe Biden over his administration’s botched response to the nationwide shortage of baby formula saying Biden ignores “wise advice” from advisers to always make the wrong call.

From inflation to Afghanistan to going back when he was a Senator, history has not been kind to the choices Joe Biden has made. And we still have 2 and a half more years of the guy?

McEnany said: “We have a president who serially chooses to ignore those around him, some of whom are giving him wise advice. He is the guy, who is always late to the party and I’m not talking ten minutes fashionably late.

“I’m talking showing up when the cake is eaten and the streamers are coming down and everyone is like, ‘Who is this weird guy sauntering in.’”

McEnany turned to co-host Harris Faulkner and said:

“It was October, October, Harris when a hard-page 34-page document was sent from a whistleblower to the FDA warning about the baby formula crisis.

“It’s what? Mid-May?

“Well done, Mr. Late to the Party.”

A furious Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) said earlier: “This should have been caught earlier on, and Republicans, including my office, was sounding the alarm about this crisis back in February when there was an announcement that the Abbott plant in Sturgis, Michigan, was shut down.”

“We now know from the CEO of Abbott that the FDA slow walked their approval to reopening that,” Stefanik said before accusing Biden of “putting out false information trying to cover up for their failures to identify where we were going to get supplies.”

She said Biden’s team “slow walked getting the Sturgis, Michigan, facility back online.”

“So they’ve been aware of this.

“They’ve done everything they could not to talk about this crisis. That’s how out of touch they are. They laughed about it.

“That was the first public sound coming out of this administration was the newly appointed press secretary was laughing about not knowing who is responsible for baby formula.

“It was only because that press conference that Joe Biden had to scramble and that day changed his schedule to set up a call with formula manufacturers to try to show any semblance of competency which is you know, far out the door for this administration. There is no plan from the Democrats.”

“I think this is a much larger scandal than people realize,” she said.

Some Dem Senators are revolting and demanding action from Biden.

From CNN:

A group of Democratic senators are calling on President Joe Biden to appoint someone to oversee the baby formula shortage as it continues to devastate families across the country searching for supplies.

The lack of baby formula has real world consequences as well as possible political ones as the issue joins a growing number of crises that the party is struggling to find a unified response to, including rising gas prices and inflated costs for consumer goods.

Sen. Patty Murray, the chairwoman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, and Democratic Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania led 30 Democrats in sending a letter to Biden urging him to hire someone who can implement a national strategy to deal with the supply chain issues.

“We urge you to immediately assign a coordinator within the White House to work with manufacturers directly and oversee the development and implementation of a national strategy,” they wrote in the letter, which was first reported by NBC News.

The Democrats added: “We need organized leadership and a clear plan for addressing this crisis. We cannot stop working on this issue until babies are fed.”

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