MUST-SEE: Marjorie Taylor Greene Goes OFF On Fake News Reporter Jim Acosta

(Slay) – Marjorie Taylor Greene shut down CNN’s Jim Acosta today calling him a liar to his face and telling him the reason people don’t like him is because he’s a liar. CNN’s ratings are in the tank and the network’s new streaming service was a total flop. And this will not help the network’s reputation.

Acosta was talking about a new batch of text messages released by the Committee looking into Jan 6. Acosta like most in the media tried to spin a message that supposedly came from Greene as part of a diabolical plot.

But Acosta, like most in the media, left out a key part of the message and Greene called him out and then made him read the entire message. ( See Video Below)

He did and was humilaited and she left him standing looking like a fool.

“Did you send a text asking the president to declare martial law?” Acosta asked the GOP Rep as the two of them walked down the street in Washington D.C.

“You know, I don’t recall those being my text messages,” Greene replied.

Acosta kept badgering her and she called him a liar because he was leaving out a key phrase, “I don’t know on those things,” from the message to create a narrative that was not there.

She made him read the message and he did.

The message said:

“In our private chat with only Members, several are saying the only way to save our Republic is for Trump to call for Marshall law.

“I don’t know on those things. I just wanted you to tell him.

“Please tell him to declassify as much as possible so we can go after Biden and anyone else!”

Then she turned on the hapless CNN host and shut him down with:

“You’re lying.”

“You know why people don’t like you?

“Because you’re a liar.

“Why do you want to lie on television.”

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