MUST-SEE: Tulsi Gabbard Puts Hillary Clinton In Her Place

(SNews) – Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard set Hillary Clinton straight during the first House weaponization subcommittee hearing today for spreading a “baseless smear” accusing her of “being groomed by the Russians”

Garrabrd said: “The threat Big Tech monopolies pose to our democracy is real and serious. After the first Democratic primary presidential debate in 2019, I was the most searched candidate of the night.

“Unfortunately and suddenly, my Google ads account was mysteriously suspended without any notice or explanation…no responses to our multiple attempts to resolve whatever problem could have caused this.”

“This happens all the time with these Big Tech monopolies interfering in our democracy by manipulating search results based on whatever it is they want the American people to know about a particular candidate or issue.

“That should be concerning to any one of us.”

“Hamilton 68 work was widely cited as fact by institutions like Harvard and Stanford, mainstream news organizations across the board, members of the House of Representatives and Senate from both political parties, including the head of the Intelligence Committee,” Gabbard said of the group that incorrectly smeared her.

“The problem is — it was false,” she said.

“Twitter determined that the vast majority of accounts Hamilton 68 targeted were neither strongly Russian nor strongly bots.

“They were mostly anti-establishment American voices from across the political spectrum.

“I was one of them.”

She said Hillary Clinton “accused me, a sitting member of Congress, a soldier and a candidate running for president of being ‘groomed by the Russians.’

“Her baseless smear worked as intended.

“It was something that was repeated over and over, headline after headline, article after article, pushed online in every way.”

Hillary said at the time

“She’s the favorite of the Russians. They have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far.

Gabbard said Clinton’s smear “had the harmful impact that was intended.”

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