MUST-WATCH: Dan Bongino Reaches FINAL Limit… Goes NUCLEAR On Biden

(Slay News) – Fox News host and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino dropped the hammer on President Joe Biden over the weekend after Biden’s big Saudi grovel fell flat. Dan said on Saturday’s Unfiltered with Dan Bongino:

“I wish this monologue wasn’t necessary. I’m a citizen, I love this country, I love this place. I pledge allegiance to the flag every day, I have kids who are going to grow up here.

“I wish American leadership under Joe Biden was not a complete embarrassment, simply for the sake of my country and, as I said, my kids. But in the first 18 months of Biden’s term, it’s totally evident now, he’s become the beggar-in-chief.

“He’s always begging.

“Did you notice that?

“He’s always begging someone for something.

“The guy’s not a leader.

“He’s showing just how weak he is on the world stage, on the domestic stage, everywhere, and sadly, he’s making all of us, America, look weaker too.

“People are watching, and I don’t mean like Robert DeNiro in ‘Meet the Fockers.’

“I mean, like enemies of the United States are watching this.

“He’s always begging. When he only has weakness, he’s left to beg our allies and our enemies to help him solve our crises. The man’s the beggar-in-chief.

“Now he’s begging Saudi Arabia to help, but there is one silver lining to this mess, believe it or not.

“All of Biden’s pathetic begging, as members of his own party, the liberal media and same people all over the cosmos doing some begging too, begging him to please not run in 2024.

“And to sum it all up, being a beggar-in-chief, on a deadly, serious note, is totally unacceptable,” he said.

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