NEWS FLASH: Biden’s “Progress” Completely CHANGES Military Culture (VIDEO)

President Joe Biden on International Women’s Day said his administration is making “good progress” changing the US military culture.

Biden mentioned that body armor is specifically designed for women, as well as maternity flight suits and updating hairstyle requirements.

We’re making good progress designing body armor that fits women properly, tailoring combat uniforms for women, creating maternity flight suits, updating requirements for their hairstyles. And some of it’s going to take an intensity of purpose and mission to really change the culture and habits that cause women to leave the military,” Biden said.

Biden also mentioned women are the vanguard for more diversity, equality, and inclusion in the military.

Women are making sure more diverse candidates are being considered for career-advancing opportunities at every single level; that women aren’t penalized in their careers for having children; that women aren’t just token members, but integral parts throughout all branches and all divisions; and that they can completely, fairly engage in promotion and compete all across the board, including on age and gender neutrality and physical fitness tests,” he said.

Biden’s video was posted to the White House YouTube Channel and did not manage to get 20,000 viewers.  How can this be with the most popular president in history?

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