NEWSFLASH: Democrats War On Black America EXPOSED (Video)

Tim Scott, a black U.S. Senator from South Carolina, shows the racism in the Democrat party.

During his brilliant rebuttal on Wednesday night, Scott smoked these racist mounters out and proved the racism is very much a part of the Democrat party’s DNA through the simple act of stating the truth. The DNA stretches back to the creation of the Jim Crow South to stop a Republican president from taking away their slaves by going to war if necessary.

“Hear me clearly,” Scott said. “America is not a racist country.”

Scott undermined today’s left with those nine words. To prove Scott wrong, Democrats hurled the worst kind of racism directly at Scott.

Democrats took direct aim at his skin color instead of addressing the substance of his argument. For house, “Uncle Tim” – a play on the slur “Uncle Tom” – was allowed to trend on Twitter.

Cable news anchors smeared him for throwing “white Republicans” a lifeline, which is just a dog whistle screaming “Uncle Tom.”

Democrat’s grotesque display is a reminder of just how far they and their allies in Big Tech and Big Media are willing to go to keep black people in line.

Today’s terrorist weapon held by Democrats is no longer a burning cross (Democrats founded the KKK). Instead, Democrats and Big Tech, Big Media, and entertainment corporations use smear tactics and racist bullying campaigns.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is such a threat to Democrats that for 30 years, smeared by one of the most racist stereotypes of all: the scary black predator. Over his support for former president Trump.

The disease of racism has never left the Democrat party. It’s still there and as toxic as ever. Scott accurately describes it as “liberal oppression.” Think about this, because I’m sure Scott has: it is modern-day Democrats who:

  • Encourage riots in predominantly black neighborhoods.
  • Believe white people should be allowed to smoke cigarettes they enjoy while black people should not.
  • Oppose school choice in favor of herding inner-city children into failing government-run schools.
  • Allow something as blatantly racist as “Uncle Tim” to trend on Twitter.
  • “Disappear” documentaries about esteemed black Americans because that particular black American dares hold beliefs Democrats will not allow blacks to have.
  • Encourage black youth to give up on their dreams with racialist propaganda about how blacks can’t succeed in America.
  • Call for the kind of boycotts that rob a predominantly black city like Atlanta of $100 million in business revenue.
  • Whose idea of criminal justice reform is to release violent criminals who prey disproportionately on black Americans. 
  • They are desperate to good the country with the illegal labor that takes starter jobs away from the inner city kids who need them most and undermine the wages of the black working class.

“I get called ‘Uncle Tom’ and the N-word, by progressives, by liberals!” In his Wednesday night speech, Scott said, and within minutes Democrats were attacking him as “Uncle Tim,” Twitter was promoting it, and today no one has paid any kind of social or professional price for these overt acts of racism.

The only “systemic racism” remaining in this country comes directly from the Democrat party.

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